I came to my first female Pekingese unplanned in 1995. I went around a pet shop and just happened to go inside. To my surprise, about five puppies toddled in the shop, and among them was a small female Pekingese. Of course, it immediately caught my eye. She was a female with pedigree, which surprised me very much. So again unplanned, I left the store with that little furry ball. Rennie Kleťská star, as her name was, began my lifelong love for this breed. She was a small golden bitch, incredibly lively and friendly to people and dogs.

It wasn't long before I bought Rennie a friend, a black female, Jessica Jade in six months. Jessica was the opposite of Rennie. The only one who could caress and pet her, comb, or cut her claws, was me.
She tolerated other people, but ideally they didn't look at her at all, and they didn't want to pet her at all. She did not harm anyone, but clearly avoided any contact. The same was her relationship with other dogs. Neighboring golden retrievers were afraid to walk past Jessica. But Jessica had one exception. And they were Dobermans. After leg surgery, she was often guarded by a friend who breeds Dobermans and Jessica acknowledged that this breed would be her friends.

In 1996, I founded my kennel
Ming Mira.

Unfortunately, my females were not suitable for shows. Rennie, after her first heat, when she lost her puppy hair, was never in condition that I could present her at exhibitions. While Jessica did not have the ideal movement after the front leg surgery.

By the end of the 1990s, we had expanded with  a third Pekingese. That was Marco Ikarie. A friend who owned him had to give him away for family reasons, so Marco ended up with me. He was an incredibly amazing dog.  And by nature, he was extremely nice and not aggressive, and as well was in good physical condition. Together with Rennie, they gave me two puppies - Aristocrat Marc Ming Mira, who won the title Junior Champion, and Amadeus Fabio Ming Mira.
Marco lived with us until the age of 11, when he succumbed to cancer. At the age of 11, Rennie passed as a result of an accident. Jessica lived to an unbelievable nearly 18 years. After Jessica I was without dogs for 4 years.

This lasted until 2015, when in March a long-awaited black female Sibirskaya Korona California, arrived.  Cali, as we call her at home, has become essential to me in many ways. Thanks to her, I established my friendship with her breeder Galina Shvets.  Unfortunately, we are sometimes faced with very challenging situations. About a year later, when I was almost in daily contact with Galina, rejoicing in every success Cali had at shows, Galina succumbed to an insidious illness. To this day, her departure is a profound loss to me.

Cali was not only quite successful at shows, as evidenced by her title C.I.B. champion, but she was above all, an excellent mother. I first mated her in Serbia with a unique dog, Livanda Molinari. There were five puppies from this mating and Duchess G Ming Mira remained with me. The second time I mated Cali, again in Serbia, with the dog Venecija Fererro. From this connection came three bitches, and Essence Ming Mira stayed with me. Cali thus brought into my life another friend, Predrag Vasiljevič, whom I thank for the opportunity to use his dogs.
Today Cali enjoys life in the company of her two daughters Duchess G and Essence, who successfully represent their mother and my kennel at shows.

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